What development tech do you want to learn in 2011?

Do you plan to learn Ruby, mobile development, Silverlight/WPF, HTML 5, Java 7, or some other technology this year? Take the poll and share your feedback in the discussion.

The world of development is always changing, and you either keep up or get out, for the most part. In 2011, there are a number of technologies that are not quite "must have" skills, but being proficient in them could make a big difference when you want to stand out from the pack and not.

In no particular order, I think that developers who learn Ruby, mobile development, Silverlight/WPF, HTML 5, and Java 7 (I know, some of these are not finalized yet) will be setting themselves up quite nicely for long-term career growth quite nicely. For me, I'm learning more about mobile development as well as Silverlight since I'm doing Windows Phone 7 work.

Which of these technologies would you learn if you had the chance? If you're interested in learning a development technology that I didn't list, tell us what it is in the discussion.