Windows Phone 7 tips for developers

Read Windows Phone 7 development posts by Justin James about using OData, submitting apps to App Hub, using IronRuby to develop a WP7 app, and using InputScope variables.

Programming and Development blogger Justin James sometimes writes Windows Phone 7 (WP7) tips for TechRepublic's Smartphones blog. In case you missed four of his recent WP7 posts featured in Smartphones, here are the links.

Using OData from Windows Phone 7

Justin James explains his steps for using an Open Data Protocol service from his Windows Phone 7 application. He also discusses possible workarounds for the fact that the OData Client Library does not support authentication.

Tips on submitting Windows Phone 7 apps to App Hub

Justin James says the experience of getting a Windows Phone 7 app ready for sale via App Hub leaves a lot to be desired. Here are his App Hub submission tips.

Use IronRuby to develop a Windows Phone 7 app

Justin James recently got his feet wet with IronRuby, and he was eager to use it in a real-world scenario. Find out what this Ruby novice thinks of using IronRuby to write a Windows Phone 7 application.

Windows Phone 7 InputScope dictionary

Windows Phone 7 users can use InputScope values to customize their keyboard layouts. If you're having trouble figuring out which value to use, check out what each layout looks like.

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