Xcode iOS default application templates at a glance

The Xcode IDE suggests seven default application templates for Apple iOS developers.

The Xcode integrated development environment, which is offered free to developers of Apple iOS applications, suggests seven default application templates when you start a new project. Depending on your current project, picking the right template could decrease your development time considerably.

The seven

Here are summaries of the seven templates:

  • Empty: Provides a starting point for any application, but you'll have to enter the controls yourself.
  • Master-Detail Application: Provides a user interface with a navigation controller to displays lists.
  • OpenGL Game: Provides the starting point for an OpenGL ES-based game.
  • Page-Base Application: Provides a page view controller.
  • Tabbed Application: Provides a user interface configured with a tab bar controller and view controllers for the tab bar items.
  • Utility Application: Provides the starting point for apps that require a main view and an alternative view.

See screenshots of each template's Xcode description in this TechRepublic Photo Gallery.

I wonder which template gets used most often. If we go by the number of each application type in the App Store, it would probably be the OpenGL Game template.

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