Oracle HTML DB

I don’t read a lot about Oracle HTML DB in trade magazines,

nor do many of my colleagues know about it.

But the ones that are using it think it’s the next best thing since

sliced bread and are happily singing its praises.


is it? “Oracle

HTML DB is a web-based application development and deployment tool integrated with Oracle Database 10g. Oracle

HTML DB enables anyone with only a web browser and limited programming

experience to quickly create secure and scalable web applications that can be

instantly deployed to tens, hundreds, or thousands of users. Oracle HTML DB is

a standard feature of Oracle Database 10g, available in Standard One, Standard

and Enterprise Editions at no additional charge.”

Essentially it is a web based application

development tool geared to those users who are creating the dozens of

spreadsheet and small desktop database applications that one finds among end

using departments. The colleagues that I

speak to tell me that it is a fabulous tool that has enabled them to get rid of

dozens of problematic spreadsheets and MS Access databases that have grown too

large and complicated for the desktop.

I haven’t had an opportunity to try it out myself yet,

but they insist that this feature alone is enough to drive the upgrade to 10G

from Oracle 8i or 9i. You might want to

check it out yourself and see if you feel the same way. Just don’t tell them I told you their secret.

Oracle HTML Product data sheet:

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