5 very important questions

It's easier to be successful if you are doing something which you are passionate about.

Most people agree with this statement, more or less. And yet most people are doing things that don't get them pumped up - why is that?

It has a lot to do with not knowing what we don't like.

We can't be clear about what we're passionate about if we're unclear about what we don't like.

Sounds simple right? However, for many, perhaps most, individuals it's not. If we ask them what they really enjoy, they give us "objective" answers such as, "Well I should enjoy this activity; after all, many other people would kill for this opportunity." Or they may temper their response, saying something like, "This is pretty good, not perfect but overall, it's fine."

One can't be passionate and non-passionate at the same time. We either really enjoy something or we just enjoy it a little. I've found that the same holds true with what we do for a living. Some people look forward to getting out of bed everyday. Most don't. Oh, they'll have some days when they jump out of bed, but usually they don't look forward to each new day. They are the "rationalizers" who say things like, "well life's not perfect for anyone is it?" They'll patiently tell you that, "we're lucky to have a job that pays pretty well and is at an air-conditioned building."

If you aren't clear about what you want out of life, it's more than likely you're going to have a pretty boring and perhaps fairly unsatisfying life. Here are a few questions I use to find out how truly passionate people are about what they do. I suggest you ask yourself how you really feel about these items. If you aren't truly enjoying your work now, you should know it's probably only going to get worse the longer you stay where you are.

Here are my five very important questions. I suggest you write these down and put the answers beside them.

1. What are you tolerating, or putting up with currently? (This one is just as applicable for your personal life as it is your job life.)

2. What do you love doing in your job, or what do you love about it? 

3. What do you hate doing or about it? (As above.)

4. For you to really look forward to getting up out of bed every day; what would have to change? (This can be people, your job role, where you work, or personal issues.)

5. Why do you stay at the job (or company) you're at right now?

Most people tolerate too much. When you live a life that is only "OK," you're not jazzed. You're filling time. You will wither. If you know what you love doing but don't have enough opportunity to do more; it may be time to move on. Unless you're OK with just tolerating your career. If you know what you hate - make a change so you don't have to do it any more. Or else accept that you are prepared to wither because you "don't have any choices" in your life.

If you want to get out of bed in the morning; life's just better. It's more fulfilling. And fun. And you'll be much more satisfied overall. Satisfaction can come from hundreds of sources - for example money, job tasks, responsibility, fun, office environment, hours, commuting. It's personal. I know many many people who love to get up each morning. They are very successful.


Success Coach