How are you doing? Take this survey.

When was the last time you took a few minutes to review your life? In this blog, John M. McKee shares a tool that allows you to get a quick "pulse" on how you're doing in each of the three key life elements: career, personal, and financial.

Most people know someone who has a successful career but is miserable. In those situations, that person is probably so focused on the job that he or she no longer has much of a personal life. He or she can achieve a major goal, but there's little satisfaction from it.

On the other side of the problem are those who have great family and friends, but they're stifled in a job that isn't rewarding. These folks dread the end of the weekend. They can't wait to get home after work.

I work with people in both situations. One of the tools I've used to help them move forward is a survey created by a guy whom many consider to be the "father" of the personal coaching industry, Thomas Leonard. It's an easy-to-complete series of questions under a few different categories.

Taking a few minutes for a reasonably objective look at your life is smart. That small amount of time could prevent you from digging yourself into a rut that may be too deep to get out of later. More importantly, it can serve as a reminder of those things that you truly value but have somehow started to take for granted.

Reviewing your life from a few perspectives that ask, "how are you doing?" is smart. For some it can be a wake-up call reminding them of priorities like someone they really care about or perhaps health and fitness. For others it may serve as verification that they're on the right path and with the insight it will encourage them to focus a little more and increase their successes.

Interested to take a quick checkup? Here is a link to a survey similar to what Leonard created many years ago. We'll leave it up for a couple of weeks. Use the username quality and the password success.

Once you've done the survey, act accordingly. It's never too late to improve your quality of life.


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