Isn't everyone using VOIP?

I have a friend who is dealing with an issue that I had to deal with a

few years back. Seems that a salesperson has convinced influental

members of a legislative body that their organization is backwards

because they are not using VOIP instead of paying the local telephone

company for dial tone. So a "study" is being commissioned to

investigate why the organization is so backwards.

I feel for my

friend because it was not long ago that I faced the same issue.

It's not that we have anything against VOIP, it's that the majority of

buildings that house/d our organizations are OLD - as in

historic. And while they have so much of the old quad wiring in

them that you can put a standard telephone in almost every square inch,

there is not enough CAT 5 or 6 wire to accomodate the needed PC


Needless to say, wiring the old buildings isn't cheap

but no one ever wants to pony up the dollars for infrastructure.

So countless hours will be spent and meetings will be held to once

again prove that just because a fortune 500 company can put technology

to use, it is not always economical to do so in a government