Make employee performance reviews less stressful

Some seasoned IT managers offer tips for making performance reviews easier.

Conducting employee performance reviews can be arduous. Depending on the style of your company, there can be a lot of process work involved that can be time consuming, especially when you have several staffers to evaluate. There's also the emotional issue of how to deliver the news to an employee when his or her work is subpar.

TechRepublic offers several resources, submitted by seasoned managers, for making the evaluation process a little easier.

Scott Robinson offers some tactical tips for changing the dynamic of the whole process by merely rephrasing. For example, instead of saying, "You did a good job" say "You're an asset to the team" and then explain why. For more of Scott's tips, click here.

Abbi Perets offers a more strategic point of view in making employee reviews more productive. She suggests, for example:

  • Getting your job descriptions down pat
  • Not taking your employees by surprise
  • Presenting the positive first

For more of Abbi's tips, click here.

Finally, if you find yourself grappling specifically with how to deliver criticism, Tom Mochal offers tips for doing it. Tom's tips even work for times when you have to direct the performance of a project team member who doesn't formally report to you. To see these tips, click here.