Poll: How well do IT pros know their company's products and IT needs?

How much does your IT department familiarize itself with your company's tools, services and products before a project?

In a piece for TechRepublic's IT Leadership blog, Patrick Gray talked about the need for IT to "eat its own cooking." He explained that before you can make changes to tools and programs, IT pros need to use the tools the end users are currently using and understand the goods and services that their company offers.

I would say that this was a no-brainer if I didn't see many instances of IT creating apps or tools that don't fit naturally into the needs of the enterprise. I've seen my share of bugs filed in tools because a feature didn't perform like it was suppposed to, mostly because the engineer didn't know how it was supposed to perform in the first place.

I'd like to poll you guys--engineers and project managers alike--on this issue. Please take the poll below and discuss your point of view in the discussion following this piece.