The survey says.....

There’s a lot of bad news nowadays.

Large companies are getting their profit lines beaten up due to a vast number of things caused by both internal and external factors. That leads, inevitably, to discussion about staff reductions, and "doing more with less."

Individuals are feeling less financially secure as a result of things like a mortgage crises, a devaluated US dollar (now equal to the Canadian buck for the first time since 1976), and - of course - discussions about staff reductions and the need to do more with less.

People in the United States feel that the country is going in the wrong direction according to a recent LA Times / Bloomberg News survey. War, inflation, healthcare, and a smaller choice on the grocers’ shelves have combined to make the average citizen conclude that this generation won't have the same high quality of life enjoyed by the last generation.

It’s hard out there, no doubt.

But here's the real question is, "Is it getting harder?"

As a manager or leader, do you believe that it’s getting tougher to get ahead, yourself? And if so, do you feel confident that you know how to grow in an era of fewer resources and or opportunities?

I've created a survey to find out how people are thinking at the end of October in 2007. To participate in it, click here.

Now, if you think it's true that it’s getting harder, as a manager what are you doing about it? What are you doing for your company? And what are you doing for yourself personally?

Those who read this blog with some frequency know that I am a big believer in making a plan and then working it. I believe that the best organizations in the world do planning that helps them circumnavigate difficult times and stormy waters. Additionally, and of this I am certain, the most successful and satisfied individuals do the same thing. From our research, it seems that's only about 14% of the population. The rest just manage by “crossed fingers” apparently. I feel so strongly about the importance of this, we have an online program to allow people to create an actionable plan which will allow them to survive and thrive in tough times. You can check out that program at our website John M if you're interested.

But today, I’d like your opinions about the direction your career is taking. Is it looking good or bad? Or more of the same? Are you optimistic about the outlook?

If you’d like to share your opinion, here's the survey.

In a future coming blog, I’ll get back to you with some of the results of this survey.


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