Top five IT Leadership blogs of 2009

Take a look back at the most popular IT Leadership blogs of 2009.

We thought we would say goodbye to 2009 by highlighting the five most popular IT Leadership blogs for the year.

The leader this year was the blog called 20 cynical project management tips, written by Michael Krigsman of TechRepublic's sister site ZDNet, but posted in the IT Leadership blog. Krigsman offers a "guide to the seamy underbelly of IT project management," according to Tony Collins, a blogger on government-related IT failures in the UK.

Second up was a pointer to a download of a free project status report template. Project managers like those free tools! The download enables you to keep stakeholders apprised of the current status of a project and will help ensure that there are no surprises down the road. It's designed to make it easy to communicate project information to clients, customers, and other stakeholders.

The last three entries in the top five all concern the care and management of the executive career. They are:

Five ways of thinking that can fell IT leaders, in which blogger and consultant Ilya Bogorad offers the five beliefs he sees most often that can damage the IT shop as well as an IT leader's career.

10 great ideas from five great bosses, in which Leadership coach John McKee talks about some leadership successes despite the gloomy economy and what steps you can take to duplicate that success.

Finally, with Five mistakes guaranteed to derail your career, John McKee offers another one in the top five. This time he talks about what not to do in order to be a successful leader.