Welcome to my blog!

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to those of you that

are not familiar with me through my writings as the author of the

Government Technology Newsletters. I am a 17 year technology

veteran (more than that if you count my tinkering before I was actually

employed as an IT professional) who started as a programmmer analyst

and worked my way up to CIO and now as a consultant. I spent 16

of those years in government IT, 5 at the executive level, so I feel

that I have a little knowledge and experience that I can draw upon as I

add to this blog and the newsletters.

My passion has been and still remains the intelligent application of

technology to solve problems. While I have always had an interest

in the technology just for technology's sake, I get a real kick out of

making technology really work

for an organization. So while you might find a strictly technical

article from me on occasion, most of what I concentrate on are the hows

and whys of technology and how best to manage it in the

organization. After all, if it isnt being managed properly,

technology is probably not doing the organization all that much good.

So if you find yourself reading this and are new to my writings,

welcome aboard. If you are an old friend, thanks for the

continued readership. In either case, I hope to continue to make

you think, inspire you to act, or in some way possible aid you as you

go about your duties in your organization.

Thanks for reading!


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