What security issues keep IT decision makers up at night?

A new security survey indicates that IT decision makers are not feeling totally secure in their security strategies.

For information security professionals, their biggest information nightmare is an external data breach for financial gain. That’s followed closely by “failing an audit.”

EIQ Networks polled 272 IT decision makers including security managers, and network and systems engineers across a number of industries (including healthcare, government, financial services and retail) to find out what security issues are keeping them up at night.

Some of the other concerns were a shortage of security staff and little buy-in from shareholders and executive staff (that, being, basically, a self-fulfilling prophecy). If the CEO doesn’t take security threats seriously, then the chance of the security threats becoming a reality is bigger.

Some other interesting findings:

  • When the respondents were asking for the percentages of their end-user systems and mobile devices that are monitored in real time, most of them said less than 25 percent.
  • A third of the respondents didn’t have an information risk strategy.
  • When asked if they felt their IT security departments had the expertise and experience to handle a breach, most responded, “Somewhat experienced and prepared.”

For a look at the entire survey, you can download it here.

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