Big questions about Windows 8: What are yours?

TechRepublic will be covering Windows 8 from every angle and we'd like your feedback on how we can best help you evaluate it and optimize it.

Among IT professionals, every new release of Microsoft Windows generates a huge amount of investigation and discussion since Windows still powers such a large portion of the business world. When Windows 8 arrives this fall, the issue is going to amplified because Microsoft is making a bold and risky move in morphing Windows into a platform designed to power both mobile devices and traditional computers.

It's still unclear whether consumers and businesses will embrace or reject this change, but it's going to give all of us a lot to talk about for the rest 2012. As always, TechRepublic is dedicated to providing business tech professionals with the resources they need to evaluate, operate, and optimize the latest version of Windows. We'll be doing extensive post-news coverage of Windows 8 from every angle. In other words, we'll be talking about what it means, potential impacts, best practices, tips, tutorials, and providing checklists and cheat sheets to help sort it all out.

Since we're still in the planning stages, we wanted to reach out to our audience and ask all of you what your big questions are about Windows 8. What are the issues that are going to determine whether and where your company might adopt Windows 8? What are the most anticipated new features that you want to hear more about? And ultimately, what kind of content do you expect from TechRepublic to help make sense of it all? Please let us know by posting in the discussion below.

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