Build an add-in for Windows Home Server and win $10K in Code2Fame Challenge

Windows Home Server promises to be a popular product among technophiles, highly digital homes, and even in some small businesses. Microsoft is also attempting to make WHS a platform that developers can easily extend. Earlier this year, Microsoft released a software development kit (SDK) for Windows Home Server, and the company has also launched the Code2Fame Challenge, which will offer a pair of $10K first place prizes to the coders who build the best add-ins for Windows Home Server.

The catch is that the deadline is this Friday, August 24. That's when all entries must be postmarked. You can go to the Code2Fame Challenge page to read the details on how to enter. If you haven't already started working on an add-in, you may not have much of a shot at this. However, there are a lot of talented coders on TechRepublic, so you never know. And if you've been working on a WHS add-in on the side, you shouldn't miss the chance to win some recognition and cash.

By the way, based on a poll in my Windows Home Server article back in May, 88% of TechRepublic respondents said that they were either already planning to get a Windows Home Server or were seriously considering it.