Do you measure up? 25 DIY skills every man should have

In its October 2007 issue, Popular Mechanics published an article called 25 Skills Every Man Should Know: Your Ultimate DIY Guide that is interesting and funny in a male-chauvinist-kind-of-way.

The best part is that not only does Popular Mechanics provide the list, but it also provides basic instructions for each item. There are a number of tech items on the list, which most TechRepublic users will already know. But there are also some general handyman items that geeks like me are clueless about.

Here are the items on the list that I did NOT know how to do until I read this:

1. Patch a Radiator Hose

3. Rescue a Boater Who Has Capsized

4. Frame a Wall

8. Fix a Dead Outlet

10. Use a Torque Wrench

13. Fillet a Fish

19. Clean a Bolt-Action Rifle

20. Change Oil and Filter

22. Bleed Brakes

So I knew how to do 16 out of the 25 things on the list. How many of items do you know how to do? Join the discussion.