Follow my list of 100 tech experts on Twitter with one click

When I posted my directory of 100 tech experts on Twitter, I was bummed there wasn't an easy way to follow the whole list. Now there is.

Editor's note: This list has been superseded by Techies: 2011 directory of who to follow on Twitter.

When I compiled my directory of 100 technology experts on Twitter last month, I noted that unfortunately there was no easy way to follow everyone on the list with a single click. I said that was a feature Twitter needed to improve. Of course, in typical Twitter fashion, it wasn't the Twitter organization that came up with a solution but an independent developer using the Twitter API.

The solution is TweepML, which allows you to share groups of Twitter users ("tweeps"). My friend Rick Vanover, a longtime TechRepublic contributor, posted my list on TweepML. You can add the whole list or you can scan through the list and uncheck any of the people before clicking the "Follow" button.

I also noticed that another TweepML user called bendtheweb created an edited version of my list called Tech Bloggers and Experts that dropped some people from my list, added a few more, and settled on a list of 82. I think that's a great idea and I'd encourage others to create their own edited versions of my list or to start from scratch and create their own list.