Google's secret weapon to take down Cupertino and Redmond

Google is about to take possession of a software weapon that it could fire at Apple and Microsoft, but it's unclear whether it will push the button.

While the technology industry remains baffled about why Google decided to acquire Motorola Mobility, I have spotlighted one of the key assets that is largely being overlooked in the deal: Motorola's Webtop software. In an in-depth report for TechRepublic's sister site CNET, you can read about how Webtop snuck up on the tech world, the power of Webtop 2.0, and my analysis of how Google could effectively use Webtop to give Android a big boost in its race against Apple and Microsoft in the post-PC world.

This topic also has major enterprise implications as well. If Google were to integrate Webtop into the next version of Android then it would create a huge market of smartphones that could dock and serve as thin client devices, accessing the Web and Citrix. These PC replacements could pose a big challenge to the stranglehold that Microsoft Windows has on the enterprise.

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Photo credit: Jason Hiner/CNET