IT's seven wonders of world -- Are these really the best?

CIO Magazine recently named its list of Seven Wonders of the IT World:

  1. The Linux kernel
  2. OQO, Model 02 (smallest PC to run Windows Vista)
  3. IBM BlueGene/L (largest supercomputer)
  4. The E-sciencE II project (largest computer grid)
  5. Google data center in Oregon
  6. NASA's Voyager 1 satellite (the computer farthest from Earth)
  7. Floating Webcam at the North Pole

I really like the concept of highlighting the top technological marvels of the IT world, but am I the only one who thinks that this list is pretty lame and unexciting?

How about MAE East and MAE West? They are the heart of the Internet. How about the Bill Gates house? It is the ultimate IT-enabled home for hosting business associates. What about Intel Research Labs? It's pretty cool to see all those people in white coats building the next generation chips that will power computers, phones, and the Internet.

What else do you think should make the list of the seven wonders of the IT world? Join the discussion.

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