Most futuristic product of CES 2011: GM en-v scooter/car

The Consumer Electronics Show is about the future and General Motors gave us an interesting peek at an electronic vehicle that could be the future of crowded urban areas.

One of the things that I look for every year at the Consumer Electronics Show is the company that's not afraid to look ahead a few years and show us a product that -- even though it may be little more than a concept or demo -- gives us a peek at the future. The company that offered the best example of that at CES 2011 was General Motors. Yes, that General Motors.

GM showed off a little electric vehicle called the "en-v" that I think of as a mix between a Segway and a Smart Car. This product is being designed for urban areas a decade from now. It can get up to highway speeds while joining up with other vehicles like it to form a train that can make much more efficient use of the roads.

GM had a working prototype at CES and my colleague Brian Cooley from CNET has a three-minute demo that you can watch in the video below: