Nokia committed to two OS strategy, plans U.S. invasion

Nokia remains the 800-pound gorilla in the mobile market, but it is under intense pressure. One of Nokia's top mobile chiefs explains how the company plans to compete.

While Nokia remains the 800-pound gorilla in the mobile phone market, it is under intense pressure from the growth of the iPhone and Android platforms, and could soon come under additional pressure from the resurgence of Microsoft and BlackBerry.

Nokia vice president of mobile services Tero Ojanpera recently sat down with CNET's Molly Wood to talk about the current state of the mobile market and Nokia's larger strategy. Aided by reader emails, Molly did an excellent job in this 18-minute interview of challenging Ojanpera with the tough questions about the challenges that Nokia is facing, including whether it will adopt Android, how it can compete in apps, the company's internal turmoil, and its limited penetration in the U.S. market.

Ojanpera dodged a number of the questions and seemed a little bit in denial about the urgency of the situation for Nokia, but he did share some useful information. He made it clear that Nokia is committed to a two OS strategy (Symbian and MeeGo) and he said that the company is preparing to partner with GSM carriers in the U.S. to offer discounted phones that can compete on price with the top U.S. devices.

Watch the video and then jump into the discussion to share your thoughts on Nokia's strategy.