Poll: Are desktop PCs still the standard in your organization?

Most of the attention of the tech industry is pointed toward mobile computing devices, but desktops still dominate in business. Do you agree? Take the poll.

Most of the attention of the technology industry is now pointed toward mobile computing devices -- laptops, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones -- since that's where most of the innovation is happening. But, while many organizations are looking at mobile computing and considering the ways they can use it to untether workers from computing stations and push technology out into the field and closer to the customer, there are still tons of workers who labor away every day at the tried-and-true desktop computer. At least, that's our perception.

We'd like to confirm that, and that's why we're running today's poll. We'd like to know if desktop PCs are still the predominant computers in your organization. In other words, does your average worker use a desktop unless there's a good reason to get a laptop or another mobile device?

Answer the poll and then jump in the discussion to share your organization's approach for deploying desktop versus the various mobile options.

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