Poll: Are PC/smartphone hybrids a key part of the future?

Time for technology professionals to make your voice known on whether you see a future for the hybrid smartphone/PC.

Here's what Ubuntu for Android looks like in action. Photo credit: Canonical

I've written about the convergence of PCs and smartphones recently with stories on Motorola Webtop and Ubuntu for Android. This could potentially have very important implications for business computing, IT departments, and the enterprise. These hybrid PC/smartphone devices can become effective thin clients, accessing business apps via the Web browser or over the network using VPN and Citrix. In some cases, the phones will even be powerful enough to locally run native apps, which will be needed to access custom business solutions at some organizations.

We'd like to know what you think about the possibility of these mobile devices becoming full-fledged computers when it's time to sit down and get a lot of work done. Does this simplify the equation for users and IT by consolidating two devices into one? Does it make it easier to manage data by not having to shuffle it across multiple devices? Does the single point of failure create greater risk?

Let us know your thoughts by responding to the poll and then jumping into the discussion below.

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