Poll: Are you running any classic Novell products on your network?

We'd like to see how many companies out there are still running classic Novell products such as NetWare, eDirectory, and GroupWise. This does not include Novell's newer line of Linux products based on SuSE.

My perception is that there are still plenty of government agencies and financial institutions running classic Novell software, even though it has become a much smaller part of the market. If you are running classic Novell software, jump into the discussion to tell what advantages it has and why you're sticking with it.

UPDATE 9/4/2007, 4:30 PM:  Just to clarify, by "classic" I am referring to Novell products that pre-dated Novell's shift to becoming a Linux-centric company. I am not implying that any of these products are out-dated or are legacy products. In fact, I suspect that they are still widely used -- even though they don't get much attention from Novell or the media -- which is why I did the poll.