Poll: Do Android tablets have more business potential than Apple iPad?

Will businesses and IT departments be more comfortable with Android tablets than iPads, and ultimately adopt them in greater numbers? Take the poll.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab arrives in a few weeks as the first major Android tablet expected to compete with the Apple iPad. Despite the fact that the 7-inch Samsung tablet is a little more expensive than anticipated and Google has said that the Android 2.2 OS that powers the Galaxy Tab isn't ready for tablets yet, there's a lot of anticipation for this one.

The iPad has whet the appetite of businesses for touchscreen tablets, and many companies have been experimenting with iPad deployment scenarios. However, since enterprises have traditionally been lukewarm about Apple technologies (mostly due to Apple's consumer focus), we wonder if IT departments and businesses will be more comfortable with Android tablets and ultimately adopt them in greater numbers. We'd like to know your current perception about whether your company is more likely to adopt Android tablets than iPads. Answer the poll and then jump into the discussion to share your thoughts.

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