Poll: Does your IT department support any Internet-delivered apps?

According to Gartner's CIO survey, the top three 2010 priorities for CIOs are virtualization, cloud computing, and Web 2.0. Is your IT department supporting any cloud apps? Take the poll.

According to Gartner's big CIO survey, the top three priorities for CIOs in 2010 are virtualization, cloud computing, and Web 2.0 -- a big shift from past years when things like IT/business alignment, dashboards, and staff retraining have been the dominant issues.

Since cloud computing and Web applications featured so prominently in the 2010 priorities and since we're over halfway through the year, TechRepublic would like to know how many IT departments are currently supporting cloud computing applications. By that, we mean apps that are delivered over the Internet (like Salesforce.com or Google Apps Premier or hosted Exchange), and not just internal apps that users access via a Web browser.

Answer the poll question and then jump in the discussion to tell us the kinds of apps that you think make the most sense over the Internet.

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