Poll: Is cloud computing or mobile having a bigger impact in 2011?

The two hottest topics in technology in 2011 are mobile and the cloud. We'd like to get a real world perspective on which one is the bigger innovation driver. Answer the poll and join the discussion.

When we talk to businesses and technology professionals about their top priorities and concerns for 2011, the two topics that come up again and again are cloud computing and mobile computing (smartphones and tablets).

That shouldn't surprise anyone. If you scan the tech news headlines, at almost any moment you'll find up to half of all the headlines relate back to those two topics in one way or another. The fact that so many people are devouring information on these topics is a pretty reliable future indicator of the stuff businesses are going to be adopting in the years ahead.

Nevertheless, we'd like to get some feedback from technology professionals on which of these two are having the biggest impact on their companies in 2011. As always, we want the real world perspective here at TechRepublic. We realize that these two topics are actually related in some cases. Companies are often attracted to the cloud so that employees can access apps and/or data from anywhere and any device, including mobile devices. And, professionals who rely on smartphones or tablets to do their work want easy ways to connect to corporate systems, and the cloud can simplify the process. That said, we'd like to know which one is the tail and which one is the dog. Is the cloud or mobile a bigger factor in driving innovation and change in your organization in 2011?

Please respond to the poll and then jump into the discussion and let us know why you answered the way you did.

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