Poll: Is your home computer faster than your work computer?

Ten years ago, we all had far better computers at the office than we had a home. But, that's not always the story today. Where do you have a better computer? Take the poll.

Ten years ago, we all had far better computers at the office than we had a home. Our work desktops and laptops had better processors and more RAM. Business-class technologies tended to be faster, more durable, and more capable. However, that's not always the case today, and that's why some employees have started using their own personal laptops for work tasks.

Many work computers have been around for four or five years or more, as company upgrade cycles have been delayed year after year. As a result, many employees have old office computers that barely keep up with their daily tasks.

On the other hand, the prices of consumer computers have plummeted. The vast majority of desktops and laptops are all under $1000 now, with many decent machines available for $300-$500. Even the cheapest of today's netbooks tend to be faster than the corporate desktops of 2005 that are still hanging around in many organizations.

Last week, we asked if you had a faster Internet connection at home or at the office. This week, we'd like to know if you have a faster computer at home or the office. Answer the poll and then jump into the discussion.

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