Poll: Nearly two-thirds will check email on Thanksgiving, will you?

A new survey says 59% of Americans will check their messages from work on Thanksgiving. Will you be one of them? Take the poll.

According to a survey from Xobni and Harris Interative, 59% of Americans check their email on Thanksgiving and Christmas, the two most leisurely of US holidays. Of those who do check their messages, about half of them (55%) will typically only check their messages once during the day, while 28% will check multiple times throughout the day.

Here are a few more interesting facts from the survey:

  • 41% are annoyed or frustrated to see messages in their inbox on the holiday
  • 42% of the message-checkers feel it's important to stay up-to-date
  • 19% say the messages are occasionally a welcome distraction
  • Regionally, people in the South (63%) check their messages the most
  • Men check their messages more than women

TechRepublic would like to know if its US readers will be checking their messages on the Thanksgiving holiday. We suspect the numbers will be higher than the overall 59% in this survey, but we'd like to confirm that.

Of course, we also realize that since this article is publishing on the day of the US Thanksgiving holiday and will be the lead in today's Sanity Check newsletter, the results will likely be skewed toward those who are actually online and checking in. Nevertheless, please take the poll and then jump into the discussion and tell us your holiday routine on keeping up with work. Do you check messages via smartphone or computer? If you go somewhere, do you check beforehand to see if they have Wi-Fi you can use?

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