Poll: Verizon smartphone customers, will you switch to Verizon iPhone?

If you are an existing Verizon smartphone customer, TechRepublic would like know if you're planning to switch to the Verizon iPhone. Take the poll and join the discussion.

Expectations are running high for the official arrival of the iPhone on Verizon on February 10. Verizon's iPhone pre-sales to its existing customers on February 3 set the company's single-day sales record in the first two hours that the Apple device was available to order (3:00AM-5:00AM), and Verizon has asked employees to delay their personal iPhone purchases to help ease potential supply shortages at launch.

However, even more interesting is a survey released last week that indicated 66% of Verizon's current BlackBerry customers were considering a switch to iPhone and 44% of Verizon's existing Android customers were considering the switch.

Those numbers sound a little high, so we're running our own non-scientific poll among the TechRepublic audience to see how many of you are existing Verizon smartphone (BlackBerry, Android, or Windows Mobile) customers who plan to switch from your current smartphone to the Apple iPhone. Answer the poll below and then jump into the discussion tell us why you are or aren't switching, and (if you're switching) which device you're switching from.

Also, see our poll asking AT&T iPhone customers if they're switching to the Verizon iPhone.

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