Poll: Will the average IT department be smaller in five years?

Will cloud computing make traditional IT obsolete or will IT scale-up as tech becomes embedded in every aspect of business? Take our poll.

Right now there's an on-going debate among tech workers over the future of the IT department. Will cloud computing and outsourcing conspire to make traditional IT obsolete? Or, will IT scale-up as technology becomes more and more embedded in every part of modern organizations?

TechRepublic recently asked its CIO Jury to weigh in on this topic and the IT executives were split 50/50 on whether IT departments will be smaller five years from now than they are today. So now we'd like to pose the same question to the entire TechRepublic audience.

What do you think the average IT department will look like in another five years? Take the poll and then jump into the discussion to share your thoughts.

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