Poll: Would your company get rid of its Exchange servers?

Exchange has been a predominant corporate messaging platform for over a decade. However, some companies are rethinking their Exchange strategy. Is your company one of them?

Microsoft Exchange has been a predominant corporate messaging and collaboration platform for over a decade. However, as Exchange has become more powerful in recent versions it has also become more complex to manage and administer.

As a result, a lot of companies that we talk to have not migrated to the most recent versions of Exchange and are still holding out on Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003. Many of those companies — especially the SMBs — are considering the possibility of getting out of the business of running their own Exchange servers altogether. They are looking at hosted Exchange, Google Apps, or one of the other hosted solutions from vendors such as Zimbra, Cisco, and Lotus.

If you are running Exchange, which version are you running and are you considering a move to a hosted solution? Answer the two poll questions and then jump in the discussion to tell us your approach to this issue.

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