Raise your hand if you want to see U.S. cellular networks switch to the modular PC/Internet model

One of the few times that I regularly read the print version of a newspaper these days is during the periods at the beginning and end of an airline flight when you have to turn off all electronic devices. Today I was reading The Wall Street Journal during my flight to New York and I was thrilled to find a terrific article from Walt Mossberg called "Free My Phone" (below), which decried the U.S. cellular carriers as a major barrier to mobile technology innovation.

If you've read things that I've written such as Sanity check: Can WiMAX remain an open platform or will it be hijacked by big telecoms? then you know how I feel about the link between open standards and innovation.

Do you agree that U.S. cellular carriers and the current cellular platform in the U.S. are major obstacles to innovation in mobile computing? Join the discussion.

For more on this topic, take a look at this six-minute video clip from WSJ.com in which Walt further explains his arguments: