Sanity check 2010: The most important tech stories of the year

Out of all the issues that Tech Sanity Check has covered in 2010, here is Jason Hiner's list of the most important stories of the year.

Each week, Tech Sanity Check examines the most important trends in the technology industry and asks the big questions about the latest products, the top companies, and the future direction of the tech world. Out of all the issues covered in 2010, here is my countdown of the most important stories of the year, including a link to each one and the original summary of each article.

I've also included a list of your top picks -- that is the 10 Tech Sanity Check articles that received the most traffic during 2010.

8. Six things laptops can learn from the iPad

Most of the leading notebook makers are planning their own tablets to respond to the iPad, but here are six things they can learn from the iPad to make their laptops better.

7. One big thing Ubuntu can teach Microsoft, Apple, and all CTOs

Ubuntu is known as the friendliest Linux distribution, but it also has a important quality that Microsoft, Apple, and software developers can learn from.

6. The Tale of Steve Jobs and the Five Dragons

Steve Jobs resurrected Apple by slaying four dragons, and now he's on a quest to take down another one. Here's how he did it and what's next.

5. Our picks for the best apps on Android, iPhone, and iPad

Apps have taken center stage with the growing uptake of smartphones and tablets. That's why TechRepublic has created lists of the must-have apps on the various platforms.

4. Microsoft's misguided tablet strategy is the apotheosis of the company

Microsoft has promised Windows 7 tablets to compete with the iPad. See why that strategy is misguided and how it is indicative of the larger struggles at Microsoft.

3. We're entering the decade of the developer

IT professionals were the heroes of recent decades when they helped enable big productivity gains. The next decade will have a new set of heroes: Developers. Learn why.

2. Is the U.S. tech industry oiling its own guillotine?

Intel chief Andy Grove sees a troubled future for the U.S. technology industry. See what radical action Grove thinks is needed to spur a renaissance in high-tech manufacturing.

1. The dirty little secret about Google Android

While Android began with the greatest of intentions around openness and collaboration, here's the dirty little secret that haunts Google's mobile OS.

Your top 10

Based on the raw traffic numbers, here are the 10 most popular articles of the year in Tech Sanity Check:

  1. 15 Android widgets that will make iPhone users jealous
  2. The dirty little secret about Google Android
  3. Top 25 Android apps: The best of the best
  4. The truth about iPad: It's only good for two things
  5. 25 must-have iPhone apps for productive geeks
  6. 10 geek sins that will get your geek card revoked
  7. Apple iPad: The five biggest annoyances
  8. Five super-secret features in Windows 7
  9. Why Google Buzz confirmed our two worst fears about Google
  10. Ubuntu's two big advantages over Windows and Mac