SAP customers: How do you feel about SAP's leadership change?

As it struggles to adapt, SAP has made a leadership change. Are you more likely to work with the company? Take the poll and join the discussion.

SAP continues to be a major player in large-scale business software (mostly ERP), but its difficulties adapting to the new Web-powered world became apparent on Sunday when SAP CEO Leo Apotheker resigned from the German software company.

My colleague Larry Dignan over at ZDNet wrote that SAP is now in a game in which it has to rebuild trust and innovation.

In place of Apotheker, SAP appointed two co-CEOs: Bill McDermott, head of sales, and Jim Hagemann Snabe, head of product development. Dignan asked the obvious question about these two:

"Are McDermott and Snabe the revolutionaries that will rip up the old enterprise software playbook and cannibalize their existing businesses? Probably not. SAP needs a rethink and has the funds to endure one. The big question is whether the will is there to make it happen."

So I'd like to throw this topic out to the community, since I know we have a lot of TechRepublic members who are using SAP, and ask whether you think these leadership changes at SAP will affect your plans for using SAP software. Please answer the poll and jump into the discussion thread below.