Take some of TechRepublic's best content offline with the TechRepublic-2-Go USB drive

We've known for a long time that TechRepublic users like to download articles and compilations as PDFs to save them offline for later reading, print them, or make their own collections on various tech topics. We've tried to make this process a lot easier with the TechRepublic-2-Go USB Flash drive, which you can now buy through the TechRepublic Store.

This 2-GB USB drive (shown below) features the TechRepublic logo on the front and comes with a blue lanyard to make it even more portable. The drive is loaded with more than 500 files, including the elect TechRepublic Field Manual, the IT Shop in a Box, and the Administrator's Guide to Disaster Planning and Recovery (in case a disaster knocks you offline and this is your only resource). Plus, we've included more than two years of the best and most useful files from the popular TechRepublic Downloads directory.

Even with all of this stuff loaded on the drive, you'll still have 1.8 GB left to save other TechRepublic files, personal PDFs, documents, and files to create your own portable library, and/or to save software and tools you can use to turn this into a tech toolkit.

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If we do another run of TechRepublic-2-Go in the future, what else do you think we should include on the USB drive? Join the discussion.