TechRepublic's 2010 salary survey reveals state of IT jobs in U.S.

TechRepublic and Global Knowledge have again produced one of the IT industry's most comprehensive salary surveys. Learn which IT skills are in demand.

TechRepublic and Global Knowledge have again collaborated to produce one of the IT industry's most thorough and comprehensive salary surveys. The 2010 IT Skills and Salary Report is now available as a free download (registration required).

The 12-page PDF includes data and/or graphs on the following topics:

  • Job satisfaction, and salary based on job satisfaction
  • Impact of salary and job satisfaction on job hunting
  • Salary range of respondents
  • Salaries by job role
  • Salaries by certification
  • Salaries by industry
  • Salaries by geography
  • Comparison of benefits, 2009 vs. 2010
  • Reasons behind a salary increase

This year's survey definitely reflects the current economic climate and its impact on the IT profession. This is summed up in the report's introduction:

"The global recession that began in 2008 has impacted almost everyone, either through job loss, reduction in salary and benefits, or job change. This year's salary survey, the third in partnership between Global Knowledge and TechRepublic, captures the magnitude of changes that have impacted the IT profession...

"The recession has held salaries in check for the IT profession. The average salary for respondents was $82,115, up less than one percent over what was reported in the 2009 IT Skills and Salary Report (Figure 1). This is significantly less than the 10% gain seen between 2008 and 2009; however, it is consistent with broader salary trends in the United States.1 Less than half of this year's respondents (43%) reported receiving a salary increase, down from 70% in the prior year. Two-thirds of those that reported receiving a raise indicated the primary reason was performance in their current position (65%). Over 46% indicated their salaries were capped without a raise. One in nine respondents (11%) indicated their salaries had been reduced."

We offer this report as a service to our loyal TechRepublic members and we especially thank those of you who were among the 19,500 participants of the survey itself. Please download the PDF and share your thoughts in the discussion thread below.