The top 10 IT skills on the way to extinction

Training, and retraining are a constant part of working in IT. You simply can't rest on your skill set and stop learning or the technology world will pass you by with little remorse. With that in mind, Mary Brandel over at Computerworld has put together a list of the top 10 skill sets that are on their way out in IT:

  1. Cobol
  2. Nonrelational DBMS
  3. Non-IP networks
  4. cc:Mail
  5. ColdFusion
  6. C programming
  7. PowerBuilder
  8. Certified NetWare Engineers
  9. PC network administrators
  10. OS/2

If you want to hear Mary's reasoning, you can read the original article.

She's right, for the most part, although I don't know that PowerBuilder was ever quite as hot as she believes it was, and I certainly don't believe that OS/2 was ever a primary skill set for many IT pros.

I would replace those two with "PBX installation" (still out there but destined to be almost completely replaced with VoIP and managed through IT) and "Printer maintenance" (also still out there but printers have gotten easier to manage and most companies just don't print nearly as much as they used to).

What IT skills do think are headed toward extinction? Join the discussion.