Top 10 headlines for May 12 -- Redesigned BlackBerry unveiled, Microsoft limits cheap laptops, Nokia focuses on U.S.

Top IT news headlines for Monday, May 12, 2008: RIM officially announces redesigned BlackBerry, Microsoft puts limits on cheap laptops, Nokia puts greater focus on U.S. wireless market, the battle between Microsoft and Google heats up, and much more.

Top 10 IT headlines

  1. RIM officially announces the BlackBerry Bold and a $150 million development fund (ZDNet)
  2. Microsoft to limit capabilities of cheap laptops (PC World)
  3. Nokia kicks off strategy to focus more attention on the U.S. wireless market (ZDNet)
  4. Has Eric Schmidt finally outmanuevered Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer? (TechRepublic)
  5. Inside Microsoft's war against Google (BusinessWeek)
  6. Flaw turns Gmail into spamming machine (CNET)
  7. Xirrus explains why IT can now afford to 'ditch the switch' (TechRepublic)
  8. All USB ports aren't created equal (ZDNet)
  9. Revived Net Neutrality bill cripples Internet for real-time applications (
  10. HotelChatter's 2008 Wi-Fi review: Rating the hotels (TechRepublic)

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