Top 10 IT headlines for July 14: CIOs see flat IT spending, Apple sells 1 million iPhone 3Gs

Top 10 IT headlines for Monday, July 14, 2008: CIOs see flat IT spending in second half of 2008, Apple sells one million iPhone 3Gs in first weekend, Icahn and Microsoft get more aggressive toward Yahoo, Computer glitches delay Fiji air passengers, and more.

  1. CIOs getting better prices, see flat second half spending (ZDNet)
  2. Apple moves 1 million iPhones in 3 days (ZDNet)
  3. In bid for Yahoo, Microsoft turns more aggressive (New York Times)
  4. Icahn letter: Clean-sweep plan for Yahoo's board (CNET)
  5. Apple stores hold iPhone 3Gs leave AT&T holding the bag (TechRepublic)
  6. 3G iPhone's mediocre battery life still beats rivals (PC World)
  7. Computer problems delay air passengers in Fiji (ZDNet)
  8. Paid sick days may be next benefit to be cut (TechRepublic)
  9. IT managers worried about data leaks, survey shows (CNET)
  10. Tesla Roadsters now rolling off production line (CNET)


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