Top 10 IT headlines for July 18: IBM reports strong earnings, Linux needs more haters

Top 10 IT headlines for Friday, July 18, 2008: HP unveils new Centrino-based tablet PC, IBM reports strong financials, AMD posts another loss, Microsoft is ready to lose money online, IDC releases report card for tech recyclers, and more

  1. Tough love: Linux needs more haters (ZDNet)
  2. IBM: Big Blue beats expectations; raises full year guidance (ZDNet)
  3. AMD posts seventh straight quarterly loss (ZDNet)
  4. Google earnings fall short; Says it can thrive in weak economy (ZDNet)
  5. Microsoft ready to lose more money online (CNET)
  6. IDC develops new report card for tech asset recyclers (ZDNet)
  7. Pentagon IT borrows tech ideas from Google, Amazon, others (Computerworld)
  8. Torvalds attacks IT industry 'security circus' (CNET)
  9. Why Silicon Valley should be worried (GigaOm)
  10. HP unveils Centrino 2 business tablet PC (ZDNet)


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