Top 10 IT headlines for July 8: Offshoring hurts customer satisfaction, Juniper sees enterprise biz as healthy

Top 10 IT headlines for Tuesday, July 8, 2008: Offshore outsourcing hurts customer satisfaction, Juniper CEO sees healthy enterprise business, alternatives to iPhone 3G, Richard Stallman blasts retiring Bill Gates, and more.

  1. Study: Offshore outsourcing dings customer satisfaction; Taking back office offshore ok (ZDNet)
  2. Juniper CEO says enterprise business doing well (TechWeb)
  3. What are the alternatives to the iPhone 3G? (ZDNet)
  4. Does used equipment make sense - even in this economy? (TechRepublic)
  5. Richard Stallman blasts Bill Gates on his way out (TechWeb)
  6. Apple's MobileMe officially launching on July 9 (ZDNet)
  7. How to replace an iPhone 2G with an iPhone 3G (ZDNet)
  8. The nightmare of buying enterprise software (ZDNet)
  9. $1 Million prize offered for cracking an encryption algorithm (ZDNet)
  10. Five off-work activities that could get you fired (TechRepublic)


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