Top 10 IT headlines for June 13: Network engineer gets 5 years of jail time, Dell unveils MacBook Air competitor

Top 10 IT headlines for Friday, June 13: Network engineer will go to jail for destroying former employer's data, 2008 will be a big year for laptop growth, Dell launches new product line to compete with Eee PC and MacBook Air, Firefox Mobile tries to catch up, and more.

  1. Network engineer gets five years for destroying former employer's data (TechWeb)
  2. 2008 a peak growth year for laptops, analysts say (CNET)
  3. Dell E and E Slim revealed, taking on EeePC and MacBook Air (Engadget)
  4. Will Firefox Mobile make it in time? (GigaOm)
  5. Microsoft and Yahoo stop talking, and Google wins (ZDNet)
  6. Analysts say don't rule out a Microsoft-Yahoo deal just yet (CNET)
  7. U.S. backs $30 million to build plug-in hybrids (CNET)
  8. Study: U.S. retains lead in science, tech (CNET)
  9. Dell M1000e: Lessons learned (TechRepublic)
  10. Here comes the video conferencing boom (ZDNet)


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