Top 10 IT headlines for June 20: 39 percent of users buy own laptops, data centers could reduce power by 80 percent

Top 10 IT headlines for Friday, June 20, 2008: In-stat survey shows users buy a lot employees buy their own tech, data centers could save up to 80% of power, early gadget adopters are decried as conceited and arrogant, and more.

  1. Survey shows 39 percent of employees purchase their own laptop for work (TechRepublic)
  2. New technology could reduce power in data centers by 80 percent (CNET)
  3. Study: Early gadget adopters 'conceited' and 'arrogant' (ZDNet)
  4. IBM lays claim to 'greenest' data center title, at least in North America (ZDNet)
  5. Dell's product lust: Are we there yet? (ZDNet)
  6. State of the Data Center Report 2007 (Computerworld)
  7. IT catfight in Portland, Oregon (ZDNet)
  8. Palringo IM client now available for BlackBerry devices (ZDNet)
  9. UK National Health Service loses 31,000 patient records (ZDNet)
  10. Do version numbers still matter? (TechRepublic)


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