Top 10 IT headlines for June 26: Chrysler brings Wi-Fi to 2009 models, IT talent crunch is fault of CIOs

Top 10 IT headlines for Thursday, June 26, 2008: U.S. tech sector is still creating jobs, Chrysler will turn 2009 vehicles into Wi-Fi hot spots, Microsoft is transitioning to server/client model, CIOs are responsible for IT talent crunch, and more.

  1. Report shows healthy job growth in U.S. tech sector (TechRepublic)
  2. Chrysler takes Wi-Fi on the road (CNET)
  3. Microsoft's big switch to server/client computing (CNET)
  4. The IT talent crunch and why it's the CIO's fault (TechRepublic)
  5. The new geek chic: Data centers (CNET)
  6. Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology is ready to roll (ZDNet)
  7. Cisco's new CTO talks first impressions (Network World)
  8. Lack of RFID standards leads to device panic (ZDNet)
  9. The increasing hardware and OS independence of modern applications (TechRepublic)
  10. Cheat high-tech cheaters (ZDNet)


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