Top 10 IT headlines for June 27: New domain name rules for Web, best places to work in IT, more Macs in business

Top 10 IT headlines for Friday, June 27, 2008: ICANN adopts new Web domain rules, best 100 places to work in IT, the geeks at Microsoft will miss Gates, BlackBerry continues rapid growth, more businesses are using Macs, and more.

  1. ICANN adopts new Web site naming rules (CNET)
  2. 100 best places to work in IT (TechRepublic)
  3. Microsoft's geeks might miss Gates the most (ZDNet)
  4. Survey: 8 in 10 businesses now using Macs (Computerworld)
  5. Apple expected to build as many as 17M iPhones this year (TechWeb)
  6. RIM/BlackBerry maintains blazing growth (Network World)
  7. Will Bill Gates' departure usher in open source friendly era at Microsoft? (ZDNet)
  8. U.S. House pushes for national e-health records (TechWeb)
  9. $1.3 billion spent on storage power and cooling, IDC says (Network World)
  10. Hey, kids! IT isn't boring! (ZDNet)


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