Top 10 IT headlines for May 15 -- Microsoft TouchWall, 20 Mbit 3G in 2009, Icahn tries to control Yahoo

Top IT news stories for Thursday, May 15, 2008: AT&T preps 20 Mbit 3G service, Microsoft TouchWall turns flat surfaces into multi-touch displays, Icahn tries to force Yahoo back into Microsoft's arms, Comcast buys Plaxo, Apple could be preparing an iTablet using Intel's Atom processor, and much more.

Top 10 IT headlines

  1. AT&T plans 20-megabit 3G by 2009 (Electronista)
  2. Microsoft TouchWall can inexpensively turn any flat surface into a multi-touch display (CunchGear)
  3. Icahn reportedly preps his board slate for Yahoo (ZDNet)
  4. Can Icahn bring Microsoft’s Yahoo bid back? (ZDNet)
  5. Comcast buys Plaxo: Will social networking and TV fly? (ZDNet)
  6. Intel confirms Atom-based larger iPhone (Mini-Tablet)? (MacRumors)
  7. Security researcher to unveil rootkit for Cisco routers (TechRepublic)
  8. Dell: We're greener than HP (ZDNet)
  9. IBM replants chip-cooling tech in solar farms (CNET)
  10. Google losing cellphone battle? (ZDNet)

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