Top 10 IT headlines for May 21: HP's Hurd calls U.S. demand 'spotty', Google Health launched, iPhone 3G confirmed

Top IT headlines for Wednesday, May 21, 2008: HP CEO Marc Hurd says U.S. tech spending is 'spotty,' Google Health launches and opens to developers, the launch date of the iPhone 3G is confirmed, OLPC announces its second generation XO laptop, and more.

Top 10 IT headlines

  1. HP's Hurd: U.S. demand 'spotty'; Data center, app consolidation continues (ZDNet)
  2. How will Google Health work? (TechRepublic)
  3. Google releases Health API to developers (ZDNet)
  4. iPhone 3G launch date confirmed: June 9 (Gizmodo)
  5. OLPC outlines XO-2; Can it deliver? (ZDNet)
  6. More vaporware from OLPC - Here comes XO 2.0 (ZDNet)
  7. Some companies lax on terminating network access to departing employees (TechRepublic)
  8. Will people pay more for cleaner energy? You decide (CNET)
  9. Nanotechnology comes with a health risk (TechRepublic)
  10. Will virtual desktops change the face of your operation? (TechRepublic)

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