Top 10 IT headlines for May 29: Microsoft's morphing biz model, Google's browser mission, Wi-Fi with five-mile range

Top 10 IT headlines for Thursday, May 29, 2008: Microsoft's changing business model starts to emerge at D6, Google wants to extend the browser, Ozzie sees open source as more disruptive than Google, Wi-Fi bridge claims five-mile range, and more.

Top 10 IT headlines

  1. D6: Snippets of Microsoft's morphing business model emerge (ZDNet)
  2. Google's mission: Extend the browser (ZDNet)
  3. Ray Ozzie: Open source a more disruptive competitor than Google (ZDNet)
  4. Wi-Fi bridge claims a range of 5 miles (ZDNet)
  5. Schmidt: Google's social ad strategy is "trial and error" (ZDNet)
  6. Via launches Nano processor for mainstream PCs (CNET)
  7. Windows 7: Now a late 2009 deliverable (again) (ZDNet)
  8. Research: 25 percent of web projects fail (ZDNet)
  9. Mozilla aims for nonexistent download record with Firefox 3 (ZDNet)
  10. Are universities turning to open source for IT management? (TechRepublic)

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