Top 10 IT stories of the week: March 13, 2009

Top 10 IT headlines for the week of March 13, 2008: Goldman Sachs predicts 9% IT spending dip, Amazon tweaks price of it cloud servers, Cisco is set to raise a data center ruckus, and Google Voice is unveiled.

10. The Web turns 20 (ZDNet) 9. Tech execs lobby against foreign tax changes; ask for more foreign workers (ZDNet) 8. CIO Jury: Businesses need netbooks ( 7. Android sales to outstrip iPhone by 2012? (CNET News) 6. New federal CIO's vision: Democratizing data (ZDNet) 5. Report: Quanta to make Apple netbook; will have touch panels (ZDNet) 4. Here comes Google Voice: Flawed but still awesome (CNET News) 3. Cisco's expected Unified Computing System splash raises a data center ruckus (ZDNet) 2. Amazon tweaks EC2 pricing; Takes next step in its enterprise evolution (ZDNet) 1. Goldman Sachs sees IT spending dropping by 9 percent (CNET News) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stay on top of the latest IT news and trends Get the top stories in IT delivered directly to you each weekday by subscribing to our free IT News Digest newsletter. Automatically sign up today.